We are very proud of the work we do and it is always great to hear from our clients

“Thank you guys for the great job done on the gutters and siding of my home. Without the debris flying around, you helped me keep my twins protected from pollutants as you completed the job on time! Keep it up!”
– Erin J

“Thinking about remodeling my attic gave me nightmares. But Star Builders helped realize my dream. I now have my own home–office in Chicago, operating from my attic! If it wasn’t for your ingenious idea of a separate entrance by spiral stairs, my home life would have been a mess. Great going guys!”
-Joslyn James

“Remodeling the house can be a stressful time. Star Builders, however, did a great job on my kitchen. The workers are friendly and their confidence in the work that they were doing helped assure me that my home was in safe hands. ”
-Melanie Garbo

“Considering my new-born and a toddler around, building the sunroom gave me the creeps. But these guys kept their promise of a clutter free job and I didn’t even know when the sunroom was up. I now flaunt the extension to my home with pride. Thanks guys, you made this possible with a lot of planning.” —-Judith Western

“With the economy down, I dreaded getting my home redone. It was great working with Star Buildrs and Remodelers.They got the job done on time, and helped me make the best choices in order to help keep the prices low without sacrificing quality.”
-Derek Brail



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